Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Coan/phillipi deadlift

After a less than stellar event training day sunday, it's time to get back to a more structured deadlift program with some work on getting more reps in. No better program to follow than Coan/Phillipi in my opinion.

Incline log press
Worked up to 270lb for a single

18" frame deadlifts
Everything felt heavy
Worked up to 660 for 2 singles, had nothing left in the tank

Flat bb bench press
335x2...didnt have time to do accessory stuff

Start on Coan/Phillipi
450, 8 sets of 3

Good mornings 3 sets of 8
Bb rows 3 sets of 8
Bw WG chins 3 sets of 8
GHR 3 sets of 8

Plan on doing this every tuesday. Using GHR instead of recommended SLDL.

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