Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Eye of the Tiger Write-up

1st year of the "Eye of the Tiger" contest was held this past Saturday (June 5, 2010) in Philadelphia, PA. The event was held at "The Arena," First and foremost a big thanks to The Arena for their hospitality for the day. Also a big thanks to Willie Wessel's for coming out to be the head judge, Johnny Wasickzo, Brian Shank, Matt Michael and my family for helping with loading weights and getting events ready all day long.

Lots of medleys was the theme of the day. We ended up with 23 competitors and it was a competitive show all day long. The top 3 of each class, were rewarded with a truck pull at the end of the day, being their 6th event.

We also had a powerlifting push/pull meet going on that was sanctioned by IPA and run by Gene Rychlak, Jr. They had 11 lifters, results are found here:

It was a great first year and look for Eye of the Tiger to be an annual event held on the first weekend in June every year!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Eye of the Tiger

Only 3 more days till "The Eye of the Tiger." Check out if you already haven't for contest info.

In case ya missed it there is a lot going on this Saturday. There will be strongman and powerlifting going on. There will be an in-house camera production, 2 camera crew, dvd's will be made and available for purchase, don't have a price yet, but i am told they will take 2 weeks to make, all of this info will be available at the arena and sales go through them.

With the in - house production there will be giant screens hung from the ceiling displaying the action that is going on. This arena is set up for boxing and mma events, so when you are up for the press medley, deadlift medley, or stones, all the lights will be on you!

If you can not make the event but would like to watch it live, they are putting together a live webcast for this event.

3 events (press medley, deadlift medley, and stones) will be inside
3 events (yoke, farmers, truck pull) will be outside and covered by I-95

There will be a $10 charge for all spectators at the door.

Food and drinks will be available for sale

There will be an early weigh in the night before at the arena from 6-7pm

If any of you are from the Philadelphia area then you know of Tony Luke's They are one of the sponsors for this event and Tony Luke Jr. is going to emcee the event

Monday, May 17, 2010

great weekend

A big thanks to all who came out and competed this past Saturday at "The Keystone." I can't thank enough the people who came out and helped load weights, judge, and help with scoring, with out you guys/girls this and any event would be possible. Dione, Johnny W., Troy, Jay, Ryan, and Uncle Benny, thanks for all your help making the day run smooth. I think everybody got a little sun burnt from Saturday, but I'm just thankful it was a nice day with no rain for once!

Some highlights were watching Michael Lusby and Sean McDonough both rep out 12 reps with 220 on the bar for axle presses. Big Zach Reed carried those infamous cylinders 154.1 feet, by far winning the max farmers event. Dennis Akstulewicz pulled 600lbs on his 2nd attempt to win the max deadlift event for the LW231 class. Mike Belby, Matt Buonanatuono, and Shane Romano all had good showings, tieing for 2nd place in the last event, stone over bar.

Results will be posted up this week on the NAS website Next contest will be the "Eye of the Tiger," on June 5th in Philadelphia, PA.

Friday, May 14, 2010

The Keystone comp this weekend

We will be selling the army green stronger than all tee tomorrow at the Keystone strongman contest in Gilbertsville, PA. This will be the last contest the this tee is going to be for sale. There will be a new tee designed for the Eye of the Tiger contest in Philadelphia, PA on June 5th. Tee's are $20. I should also have a few competition shirts left over that will be for sale at a price of $20 also. See you all tomorrow, stay strong