Monday, July 1, 2013

Sunday 6/30/13 event training day

Had a big training group yesterday. Turned out to be a great training day. A lot of guys starting to prepare for nationals, so event training was heavy!!! Axle Press 185x3 205x1 225 x 2 missed attempts....getting much better at axle, which is a goal this year. Push press is slowly getting better couldn't even lock out 185 at beginning of year and nearly missed 225 twice yesterday. Pleased with how progression is going, just have to keep hammering away at these Yoke walks 500 x 80 feet 590 x 80 feet 720 x 20 feet...1st pick was heavy. Never attempted this much weight. Even before the knee surgery. It's been almost 2 years since left knee microfracture surgery, so i figured why not. 1st pick went about 5 feet....drop, 2nd pick went about 15 feet for 20 feet total. Very happy with these and will be focusing more on yoke walks. Frame deadlifts 360x2 450x1 540x1 630x1 700x1......i think all those weights are correct...we just kept going for singles on frame deadlifts. No straps on all of them except for last set, by then hips and grip were shot from the day. All in all a great event training day. Events again on friday.