Monday, April 29, 2013

Kumite 8 month away and already capped!

1 month till Kumite 8 and we have already reached the limit for competitors with 40 signed up to date! We have a great line up of competitors ready to go for May 25th contest!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Battle at Baywood write up

What a great day we had at the Baywood Greens golf course for the "Battle at Baywood!" Could not asked for a better venue! Just an awesome setting for a strongman contest! There were 16 competitors in this the first year of "Battle at Baywood."

Some highlights of the contest were Dimitar Savatinov pressing 360lbs over head in the max log press event. Then asked for 410lbs to give the crowd a good show and came inches with in locking it out! Truely a great effort!

Mark Coty and Triston Cooper went toss for toss in the last man standing keg toss event. The two of them maxed out both hitting 17 feet, but missing at 18 feet.

Larissa McCrae was the line competitor in the Womans class and she gave a gutsy performance all day long, hitting numerous PR's. 

Be sure to check out the contest results section, for full results of the "Battle at Baywood." Thank you to all of teambix members, Gavin, Jon Ward and Mark Coty for helping make this a great first year contest!