Monday, September 30, 2013

September 30, 2013

Axle deadlifts, from floor, just belt, no straps 245x5 335x3 425x1 475x1 500x1 510x1 Box Squats 135x10 225x10 Leg press 250x30 Knees didn't hurt, mission accomplished. Still playing around with exercises to see what feels good on the ol' knees and what doesn't. Also how much volume I will be able to handle. Did some of the yoke squats on Saturday at Torque strongman demo day we had and legs/knees felt good Sunday and today, so hopefully that continues.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Sept 24 training

My own personal training hasn't been on point lately, but teambix contests sure have! Just wrapped up DE Strongest 5 and Teen Nationals at Baywood Greens in Long Neck, DE. What a great day we had with 2 amazing contests running at the same time! Now that i have some time to get back to training, here's what i did today to get back into things. My game plan is to at least get lower/upper body split going tues/thurs with events on the weekend. Today: Trap bar deadlifts: 245x12 335x12 445x20 Leg press 250x10 450x20 Back Squats (haven't done squats in a while, just glad no pain in knees doing these) 225x20 For whatever reason 20 seemed like a good number today. Everything felt good and knees didn't hurt, which is the game plan from now on.